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[Recorded Webinar Available Now] HDVI Webinar: How I Use CT Scanning for Oromaxillofacial Surgery

If you missed the live event on 9/20/2022, we would like to invite you to watch the recorded session provided by Ellen Domnick: Click here to watch the recorded webinar.

You can easily access and view all past webinar recordings featured on our Webinar Recordings page, click to visit page now.

High Definition Volumetric 3D Imaging (HDVI) is a proprietary and patented imaging technology that provides unprecedented diagnostic information and interventional applications for clinicians.

In this webinar, we will discuss HDVI technology and review:

  • scanning patients for dental applications using Vimago™

  • scanning patients for overall maxio-facial applications using Vimago™

  • scanning patients for c-spine applications using Vimago™

This webinar is pending approval from AAVSB RACE for 1 credit hour (veterinarians and technicians). An announcement will be made when CE credit is approved by AAVSB and a copy of your certificate will be issued to you via email.

Interested in learning more about this technology? Schedule a 1-on1 demo with us and we'd be happy to walk you through an ROI analysis and explain how Vimago is the only choice for Clinicians.


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