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The very best veterinary imaging platform for dentistry…. and every other veterinary application

View Vimago™ Dental Use Case Library Below:

Never Miss a Diagnosis!

Every day countless diagnoses are missed on radiographs and ultrasound because they are not visible. HDVI is the future of veterinary imaging and offers; faster, more accurate diagnoses and better care for your patients.

PEER REVIEW DENTISTRY ARTICLE – Featuring Epica Vimago™ Veterinary CT Scanner

Localization of the First Mandibular Molar Roots in Relationship to the Mandibular Canal in Small Breed Dogs — A Tomography Imaging Study

Given its ultra-high-resolution Images in both soft and hard tissue, Vimago™ is simply the best imaging tool for the veterinary oral surgeon

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Dental Education

2 CE Hours At Your Leisure

In this webinar, we will discuss how to: Identify common oral diseases in cats, review unique dental presentations, identify types of tooth resorption and discuss how HDVI can help to increase your diagnostic capabilities for feline skull disorders.

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HD 3D imaging technology used in the Vimago system provides a solid volume of data, resulting in gapless, non-interpolated imaging data, delivering a 3D map of densities with a spatial resolution that is the same in all three dimensions.

We have a variety of payment and lease options available for all our models including our certified pre-owned imaging platforms. Taking ownership of a new or certified pre-owned Vimago™ system has never been easier!

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Ear & Nasal

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