Vimago™ 12 Case Types – Dental Lysis

A six-month-old mix breed canine patient weighing 61 lbs presented for swelling associated with the eruption of the #405 adult tooth. The DVM performed an FNA that was unremarkable. Differential Dx includes dentigerous cyst, infection, or some kind of cancerous process. The DVM used his Vimago HDVI CT to perform a scan of the skull to gather more information.

CT findings and reports are provided by Peregrine Radiology.

Vimago™ HDVI: 12 Case Types – Dentistry
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Vimago™ HDVI: 12 Case Types – Dentistry

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Never Miss a Diagnosis!

Every day countless diagnoses are missed on radiographs and ultrasound because they are not visible. HDVI is the future of veterinary imaging and offers; faster, more accurate diagnoses and better care for your patients.

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HD 3D imaging technology used in the Vimago system provides a solid volume of data, resulting in gapless, non-interpolated imaging data, delivering a 3D map of densities with a spatial resolution that is the same in all three dimensions.

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