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Leverage Vimago™ to fully characterize masses with IV contrast, offering impeccable soft tissue detail, unparalleled contrast resolution, and precise spatial resolution between 300 to 600 microns—the pinnacle of veterinary diagnostic excellence.

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For practices that prioritize diagnosing and treating masses, we recommend either the Vimago™ GT30 or the Vimago™ GT30 Pico.

✔ Increased accuracy in met checks.

✔ See what radiographs cannot see.

✔ Utilize IV contrast to fully characterize masses.

✔ Scan & Review 2D & 3D Images in less than 10 minutes.

 About 80% of brain tumors are visible with HDVI CT if IV contrast is used*.

*MRI still remains the best modality for brains because it sees all tumors.

Feline Abdominal Mass

Nasal and Brain Mass

Case Library

Vimago GT30 HDVI

Vimago GT30 HDVI

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We are a high volume practice and some more advanced cases come through our door and I was looking for more advanced modalities. Like many other practices, we were sending out radiographs for radiology review and they kept coming back as CT scans recommended and so a year and a half ago I was really considering how can we get this piece of technology here instead of sending my patients 2-3. hours away and at different price points, where I wouldn't be able to take the case back because someone else did the surgery or the management and I lost out on it. This is where I find the fun part of veterinary medicine as opposed to routine medical care.


Joseph D'Abbraccio, DVM

Cat Skill Vet Services


Our company sets itself apart by providing comprehensive education and training across all veterinary practices, ensuring staff mastery of our technology for optimal imaging results and the highest standard of pet care.

Demystify CT

Get into a light physics lesson, deep into the types of CT and even deeper into how CT benefits veterinary diagnostics in this one-hour lecture presented by Robert O’Brien, DVM, MS, ACVR.

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