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HDVI is the future of veterinary imaging you can get today.

Scan and review cases in 2-3 minutes, not including sedation and positioning.

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For emergency and critical care practices, we recommend either the Vimago™ GT30 or the Vimago™ GT30 Pico.

 Vimago and PICO scans see both bone and soft tissue in high definition 2D and 3D.

✔ Perform HDVI CT scans to fully evaluate HBC or dog fight patients.

✔ Evaluate full body for fractures and other orthopedic injuries.

✔ Evaluate full body for soft tissue damage in both cavities.

Case Library

With more than 450 units in the field, we have a growing library of cases for your area of interest and specialty.

Vimago GT30 HDVI

Vimago GT30 HDVI

Watch Now

We have utilized the recommended radiologist for all of our image evaluations so we can learn from the detailed reports we receive and have the confidence that the CT scans are being fully utilized. Turnaround time is less than 24 hours.

Steve Dullard DVM, DABVP AnCare Veterinary Hospital


A CT Report by a board-certified radiologist is emailed to the primary veterinarian within 24 hours (can be ordered “rush” if needed).

Pedro Armstrong, DVM, DACVIM Mobile Pet Imaging


Our company sets itself apart by providing comprehensive education and training across all veterinary practices, ensuring staff mastery of our technology for optimal imaging results and the highest standard of pet care.

Demystify CT

Get into a light physics lesson, deep into the types of CT and even deeper into how CT benefits veterinary diagnostics in this one-hour lecture presented by Robert O’Brien, DVM, MS, ACVR.

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