Webinar Recordings


Page Wages, DVM

Live Webinar Recorded on 2/25/2021

Topic: HDVI: Using the Vimago™ System in a General Practice - At Care First Animal Hospital


Gabriel Ontiveros, DVM

Live Webinar Recorded on 12/16/2020

Topic: HDVI: Understanding the Business Applications of HDVI Technology in Your Clinic​


Jennifer Mathis, DVM, CVPP

Live Webinar Recorded on 11/18/2020

Topic: HDVI: Feline Dentistry 


Deepan Kishore, DVM, Diplomate

Live Webinar Recorded on 10/28/2020

Topic: HDVI: The Applications of HDVI in the Diagnosis and Surgical Planning of Masses/Tumors


Stephen Dullard, DVM, DABVP

Live Webinar Recorded on 8/5/2020

Topic: HDVI: Re-defining General Practices's Capabilities


Ronald Lyman, DVM, Diplomate

Live Webinar Recorded on 6/22/2020

Topic: HDVI: The Applications of High Definition 3D Imaging in the Diagnosis of Porto-Systemic Shunts (PSS), Nasal Diseases, and Foreign Bodies


Scott Echols, DVM

Live Webinar Recorded on 5/1/2020

Topic: HDVI: Take your Clinic to the next dimension

22 april (002).tiff

Mark Taylor, MA, DVM, DACVR

Live Webinar Recorded on 2/13/2020

Topic: HDVI: Adding a 3rd Dimension to Your Practice

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