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Vimago™ GT30 PICO

Big Power, Small Size


Vimago™ GT30 PICO is a multimodal imaging platform giving you added diagnostic capabilities to scan patients the smallest of patients with the utmost clarity.

Vimago™ GT30's High Definition Volumetric Imaging (HDVI) platform delivers ultra-high-resolution 2D/3D CT, Fluoroscopy, and Digital Radiography in a compact, portable platform.

Image_Microvascular scale.jpg

2D/3D CT



Gracie Radiograph VD PELVIS .jpg

Digital Radiography

With Vimago™, you can view images in axial, sagittal, and coronal planes - because of this,  Vimago™ studies can be easier to read than regular radio-graphs.

Any orientation of the patient may be viewed and the gantry can move over the patient during a study with 3-dimensional orientation adjustment.

Our DR can be used in a single shot or scanning mode to allow an entire patient to be scanned in a single radiograph. Images may be taken at any angle.

Why CT?

✔ High-resolution images of even the smallest, complex anatomical structures. 
✔ Examine bones, organs and even blood vessels with exceptional clarity.
✔ Uncover hidden problems that might show up faintly or not at all on X-rays.
✔ Navigate tricky areas during surgery to minimize risks to patients. 

Why Vimago™ GT30 PICO?

Vimago™ is the highest resolution scanner available on the veterinary market. 

Vimago™ uses HDVI, a new technology to overcome shortcomings in conventional CT

Veterinarians like you use their Vimago™ GT30 PICO to get the highest image resolution available for these kinds of cases - and many more:

Pico Applications

What Veterinarians say about their Vimago™

The training was phenomenal. We were up and running after two days of practicing. Like anything learning positioning took a little getting used to but now setting up a patient is pretty simple. We have even contacted support in the middle of a scan to help us get better images.


Page Wages, DVM

Care First Animal Hospital

Our Vimago™ makes clear to our customers what is the problem with their pet without any doubts. This investment has increased all aspects of our business since advanced imaging often requires hospitalization, laboratory studies, surgeries, etc. These images speak louder than words.


Dr. Gabriel Ontiveros, DVM, Eng.

Lomont All of Pets

We really don't know that much about the anatomy of a lot of these animals. However, we have never had a way to visualize it like we can now and each scan that we preform is  a whole new treasure trove of data. We can literally see each blood vessel in the body.


Scott Echols DVM, DABVP (Avian Practice) Medical Center for Birds and Echols Veterinary Services

Vimago™ GT30 PICO Specs



CT, DR, and Fluoroscopy


7.6 ft x 6.2 ft x 4.9 ft / 2310 x 1876 x 1513 mm 

Power Input

230V, 20A

Gantry Diameter

23.3 in

592 mm


1400 lbs

635 kg


Varies by state - check local regulations.

The Epica Difference

With more than 450 Vimago™ scanners installed globally, Epica is the definitive market leader in veterinary CT. We provide you with the most advanced imaging equipment available to veterinarians and the training, education and support to help you master using it in your clinic. 

You won't find any other CT manufacturer who offers so much more:


EpiCare™ is the name of our warranty program. EpiCare customers have literally everything covered that could ever go wrong with your system with no surprise bills - ever.

You also get: 

  • Training

  • Support from seasoned, U.S.-based technicians

  • Software updates

  • Marketing support

Epica Academy

Getting the best images from your Vimago™ requires using the best techniques and protocols for every situation. Epica Academy is our educational platform with on-demand training and RACE-approved CE.


Got a question? Join our Vimago™ community within Epica Academy to get input from your peers on curious cases.

Improve your CT usage in monthly webinars presented by Robert O’Brien, DVM, MS, ACVR.

*Features are limited if you are not yet a customer.

EverBank Financing

Get the equipment you need with the financing you want. EverBank offers customized solutions that can help you maximize your budget and keep your technology on the cutting edge.

Peregrine  Radiology

Trust our Board-Certified radiologists at Peregrine to read all your CT scans. They are the world's leading experts on reading CT scans. They will also read Ultrasounds and other modalities. 

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