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Get preventive maintenance and keep repair costs low with our warranty program.

Repairing CT systems can be very costly without a warranty. Replacing some essential parts can cost up to $40,000.

With EpiCare™ warranty, you get comprehensive service, maintenance and support while keeping costs predictable. 

With EpiCare™, you get:

✔ Annual preventive maintenance

Coverage for all replacement parts.
Includes provision of a phantom for calibrations as needed.

✔ Comprehensive Service and Support

Get live phone support 24 x 7 x 365 by calling 949-238-6323, option 1.
Support is always provided by a live, qualified technician.
Our technicians can operate your platform remotely to help you through any issue, or even assist with running a scan. 

✔ Materials and Labor

In the rare event you ever have a hardware issue all parts and labor are covered through Epicare™.

✔ Ongoing Training and Support

Through your remote connection to our support team, our technicians can train new staff and provide support, even helping your team with scans. 

✔ Software and Firmware Updates

We update our software regularly to provide continuous improvements in your ability to serve your patients well. 

✔ Marketing Support

Epica will provide your team with marketing support for email and print-ready artwork for customer brochures. 

Renew Your EpiCare™

Thanks! Someone from Epica will reach out to you shortly.

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