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Learn CT

At Epica, we offer the world's highest resolution CT scanner available to veterinarians and the expertise to help you master this modality. 

We are on a mission to democratize CT. That means we offer you the highest quality training and continuing education available


Start with CT 101

If you weren't taught about CT at Vet school, you're not alone. That's why we created this one-hour lecture by our Chief Radiologist, Dr. Robert O’Brien, DVM, MS, ACVR. Demystify CT, get a short course on how it works, and why it's the best imaging modality for most mysterious cases. 

Next Steps in Your CT Learning Pathway

*Features in Epica Academy will be limited if you are not yet a customer. 


As part of implementation, our trainers will come spend a couple of days with a handpicked group of your team members. 

Each of our trainers has extensive clinical experience with our scanners, and have been training on this modality for at least 5 years. 

As part of EpiCare™, our warranty program, you have access to our trainers to support your needs, even if you need help during a scan. 


The training was phenomenal. We were up and running after two days of practicing. Like anything learning positioning took a little getting used to but now setting up a patient is pretty simple. We can now recognize when to do a breath-hold aside from the obvious chest and abdominal scans. The technician running the scan knows what to look for to make sure the images running are good. We have even contacted them in the middle of a scan to help us get better images." – Page Wages, DVM

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