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Differentiate Your Practice

Enable your practice to have a level of competitive differentiation in utilizing cutting edge imaging technology that is supported with a proven ROI.



After the Sale

Our products will be part of your practice for many years and we take our commitment to our customers seriously. 

We start off by providing your team with hands-on implementation training to ensure your success. 

Our install experts have veterinary backgrounds and will help you every step of the way.

After your installation, the marketing team will provide you with the materials and support you need to educate new and existing clients about your new equipment. 

They will also guide and assist you through the process of launching and marketing your new imaging technology.

About: Client

Our Company


Epica International

We are the leader in advanced medical imaging and robotic applications for human healthcare, animal health, and industrial enterprises.​ Our portfolio of technology companies collaborates to develop and deliver innovative products supported by world-class manufacturing, sales, and service support. Epica’s main aim is to raise funds through its robust, profitable partnership with Facilitated Growth

About Companies

Epica's 100%-Owned Subsidiaries


Epica Medical Innovations

Epica Human Health

Epica Animal Health

Peregrine Radiology



Epica Applied Technologies


Fabrica Machinale

Scienzia Machinale

Meet The Medical Innovations Team

Epica International's 100%-owned Subsidiaries


Epica Human Health

Epica™ Human Health, designs, engineers and builds innovative HD Volumetric Imaging CT Scanners that were initially developed for veterinary use and now entering human. Market Leaders in HDVI technology in addition we also offer virtual preoperative planning and surgical navigation applications that are integrated within our imaging platforms.

Today, Epica Human Health is 100%-owned by Epica International Inc.


Epica Animal Health

Epica™ Animal Health designs, engineers and builds innovative HD Volumetric Imaging Scanners available for veterinary use. Epica™ delivers products that improve quality of care, safety, efficiency, and profitability while increasing the overall capabilities of the practice. Market Leaders in HDVI technology.


Today, Epica Animal Health is 100%-owned by Epica International Inc.


Peregrine Radiology

Peregrine Radiology™ will provide fast, unparalleled, quality service, with a synergistic partnership between radiologist and veterinarian. Peregrine Radiology is a preferred reader of Epica™ scans.


Today, Peregrine Radiology is 100%-owned by Epica International Inc.



Imaginalis™ began as an innovative start-up in Calenzano (FI) in 2013, with the aim of using its innate aptitude for human and veterinary interventional radiology to develop cutting-edge technology for the medical diagnostics industry.


Today, Imaginalis is 100%-owned by Epica International Inc.

Meet The Applied Technologies Team

Epica International's 100%-owned Subsidiary



Roboticom™ designs, engineers and offers to the market innovative robotic solutions. Roboticom is a brand of Fabrica Machinale Srl, Scienzia Machinale Srl, and a pioneer in robotic manufacturing solutions for industrial fabrication and O&P.


Today, Roboticom is 100%-owned by Epica International Inc.

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