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Hello. Want to learn more about Clinical Diagnostics and how Epica's products can differentiate your practice from the rest of the world of CT?

Vast Applications

Epica's HDVI technology has vast anatomical applications for any sized patient from a mouse to a mastiff. View our 12 Vimago™ case types that include (but are not limited to) Dentistry, Ear and Nasal, Brain, Mets and Masses, Spine: Paresis / Paralysis / IVDD, Renal Disease, Joint Health, Respiratory Distress and Coughing, Chronic Vomiting and Swallowing Problems, GI Foreign Bodies, Shunts and Vascular Anomalies, and Cancer / Oncology. Designed for the veterinary practice and with more than 300 veterinary imaging platform deployments, we know that Vimago™ will transform your practice and eliminate most imaging referrals.

If you have a veterinary practice focused on the “12 primary vet procedures”, Vimago™ with HDVI-CT and fluoroscopy on-board is a must have. Vimago is diagnostic in hard and soft tissue and can also be used in the OR. It’s unlikely that you will ever use x-ray again.

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