Vast Applications

Epica's HDVI technology has vast anatomical applications for any sized patient from a mouse to a mastiff. View our 12 Vimago™ case types that include (but are not limited to) Dentistry, Ear and Nasal, Brain, Mets and Masses, Spine: Paresis / Paralysis / IVDD, Renal Disease, Joint Health, Respiratory Distress and Coughing, Chronic Vomiting and Swallowing Problems, GI Foreign Bodies, Shunts and Vascular Anomalies, and Cancer / Oncology. Designed for the veterinary practice and with more than 300 veterinary imaging platform deployments, we know that Vimago™ will transform your practice and eliminate most imaging referrals.

If you have a veterinary practice focused on the “12 primary vet procedures”, Vimago™ with HDVI-CT and fluoroscopy on-board is a must have. Vimago is diagnostic in hard and soft tissue and can also be used in the OR. It’s unlikely that you will ever use x-ray again.