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Frequently Asked Questions

Epica's HDVI
Technology Platform

Q : What type of CT is this?

A : This is a new hybrid imaging technology called HDVI.

Our HDVI Technology Platforms, such as the Vimago™, Vimago Pico™, and Pegaso Forte™; do not fit in the category of either cone beam or spiral CT, in fact it is a hybrid containing the best elements of both cone and spiral. The result is the highest spatial resolution of any 3D clinical imaging system while providing contrast that is on par with conventional CT. Epica™ has over 20 patents that differentiate this technology.


Q : What makes it superior to conventional CT?

A : HDVI technology provides a three dimensional map of densities within the scan area with no interpolation and the same resolution in all three planes. It also performs high resolution, adjustable frame rate fluoroscopy and digital radiography.

Telemedicine + HDVI

Q : If this a new technology,

then who can read these images?

A : HD Volumetric Imaging users can often have their datasets read by any radiologist, however Epica™ refers clients to our sister company Peregrine Radiology. They provide high quality, unparalleled service and seek to develop a synergistic partnership between radiologist and veterinarian.


Their team of international, independent, board certified imaging specialists are equipped to handle everything from radiographs to 3D volumetric scans. The team has been Epica™ trained by Chief Radiologist, Dr. Robert O’Brien, DVM, MS, ACVR. who has more than 35 years of experience and expertise in veterinary imaging. 


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