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Fluoroscopy is a non-invasive imaging modality that uses x-rays to produce a real-time moving image.

Fluoroscopy allows the capture, monitoring, replay, and manipulation of video of an anatomical region of interest while it is in motion. 

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Both the Vimago™ GT30 and the Vimago™ GT30 Pico come with  fluoroscopy capabilities on board. 

With Fluoroscopy mode: 
 Evaluate coughing and trachea function live on screen. 
✔ Perform contrast swallow studies and place stents in the esophagus.

With HDVI CT mode: 
✔ Use HDVI CT scan to see what radiographs cannot show you in the upper and lower respiratory systems.
✔ Fully evaluate the gastro-intestinal system of all patients with HDVI CT with IV contrast.
✔ Identify GI Foreign bodies like you have never seen before with 3D and 2D images

When evaluating respiratory and coughing with Vimago™ and our VoxelVu™ viewer and software, you can manipulate the images in all three planes to see things you cannot with other modalities. 

Coughing Cat Mystery Solved

Megaesophagus discovered using Fluoro

Case Library

With more than 450 units in the field, we have a growing library of cases for your area.

Vimago GT30 HDVI

Vimago GT30 HDVI

Watch Now

The training was phenomenal. We were up and running after two days of practicing. Like anything learning positioning took a little getting used to but now setting up a patient is pretty simple. We can now recognize when to do a breath-hold aside from the obvious chest and abdominal scans.

Page Wages, DVM


Our Vimago™ makes clear to our customers what is the problem with their pet without any doubts. This investment has increased all aspects of our business since advanced imaging often requires hospitalization, laboratory studies, surgeries, etc. These images speak louder than words.

Gabriel Ontiveros, DVM, Eng. Lomont All of Pets



Our company sets itself apart by providing comprehensive education and training across all veterinary practices, ensuring staff mastery of our technology for optimal imaging results and the highest standard of pet care.

Demystify CT

Get into a light physics lesson, deep into the types of CT and even deeper into how CT benefits veterinary diagnostics in this one-hour lecture presented by Robert O’Brien, DVM, MS, ACVR.

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