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Experience unparalleled clarity and precision in veterinary CT imaging, with impeccable soft tissue detail and the industry's best contrast resolution, complemented by an unmatched spatial resolution of 300 to 600 microns.

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For specialty or general practices that see a lot of vascular and internal medicine cases, we recommend either the Vimago™ GT30 or the Vimago™ GT30 Pico.

 Use HDVI CT with IV Contrast to scan to see what radiographs cannot show you. 

✔ Accurately and rapidly diagnose shunts.
✔ PDA and PRAA in puppies are also diagnosed accurately and rapidly.
✔ Rapidly diagnose kidney function with IV contrast.
✔ Fully characterize masses and their possible association ureters, adrenals, and other anatomy.

Canine Shunt

Vascular Ring Anomaly

Case Library

Vimago GT30 HDVI

Vimago GT30 HDVI

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“HDVI helps you make a definitive diagnosis. It helps in surgical planning, it helps immensely in dentistry and it is great for large dogs. Our practice uses the Vimago™ 3-5 times per day.”​

Deepan Kishore, BVSC & AH, MS, ABVP Neel Veterinary Hospital



Our company sets itself apart by providing comprehensive education and training across all veterinary practices, ensuring staff mastery of our technology for optimal imaging results and the highest standard of pet care.

Demystify CT

Get into a light physics lesson, deep into the types of CT and even deeper into how CT benefits veterinary diagnostics in this one-hour lecture presented by Robert O’Brien, DVM, MS, ACVR.

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