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Shunts & Vascular Anomalies

Vimago™ 12 Case Types – Vascular Abnormalities

Canine | Other | 3 months | Female | 5.5 kg The DVM used his Vimago HDVI CT to perform a scan of the thorax to gather more information.

CT findings and reports are provided by Peregrine Radiology.

Vimago™ HDVI: 12 Case Types – Vascular Abnormality
Epica Animal Health

Vimago™ HDVI: 12 Case Types – Vascular Abnormality

Stormmy VoxelVu 3D Ventral.png
Stormmy VoxelVu 3D Left Side.png
Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 12.46.45 PM.png
TURBO coronal MPR Still.png
Stormmy VoxelVu 3D Dorsal.png

Never Miss a Diagnosis!

Every day countless diagnoses are missed on radiographs and ultrasound because they are not visible. HDVI is the future of veterinary imaging and offers; faster, more accurate diagnoses and better care for your patients.

Hondo Skull 3D R Obliqued Still.jpg


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HD 3D imaging technology used in the Vimago system provides a solid volume of data, resulting in gapless, non-interpolated imaging data, delivering a 3D map of densities with a spatial resolution that is the same in all three dimensions.

We have a variety of payment and lease options available for all our models including our certified pre-owned imaging platforms. Taking ownership of a new or certified pre-owned Vimago™ system has never been easier!

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