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Hear from your peers about how they achieved new levels of animal care, business success and diagnostic confidence with Vimago™.

“HDVI helps you make a definitive diagnosis. It helps in surgical planning, it helps immensely in dentistry and it is great for large dogs. Our practice uses the Vimago™ 3-5 times per day.”​ —  Dr. Deepan Kishore, BVSC & AH, MS, ABVP Neel Veterinary Hospital

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Steve Dullard DVM, DABVP
AnCare Veterinary Hospital

I purchased my Vimago CT unit in August, 2018. I have a general practice in north central Illinois.  We do receive referrals from local practitioners. I bought the unit to allow our hospital to have greater diagnostic capabilities for case management.


The unit has been an important addition to our practice. We have been able to justify and recover the expense immediately upon implementing it. The CT scans have led to a number of procedures that would have been hard for many clients to justify without the education that the scans provided.


We have also used it on a number of exotic cases, too. The fluoroscopy feature makes placing spinal needles for myelograms or epidural pain blocks a breeze. It is helpful for swallowing studies and evaluating severity of collapsing tracheas.


The staff training was excellent and involved all doctors and certified techs.  The trainer was patient and very thorough with us. My goal was to have the technicians take over the image acquisition and doctors review the images. That goal was accomplished. The whole team is involved and sees the value of this tool.


We have utilized the recommended radiologist for all of our image evaluations so we can learn from the detailed reports we receive and have the confidence that the CT scans are being fully utilized. Turnaround time is less than 24 hours. The findings have been astounding. The number of concurrent problems in these often complex cases is often identified on the scan.


We fully utilize radiography and ultrasound in our practice still but this gives us the ability to take our medicine to another level that our clients appreciate.  We currently scan all dental procedures.  The level of pathology is very apparent to pet owners. The 3D renderings are like holding the patient’s skull in your hand with bone loss very evident. One picture says a thousand words.


The time needed for a full skull scan is ¼ the time needed for full mouth bisecting angle digital radiographs. Because we perform this on all dentals, the technicians have become very proficient at CT scanning. We still utilize bisecting angle radiography for post extraction verification.


Technical services and troubleshooting any problems has been outstanding. Response time is in minutes. I would strongly recommend this unit if you wish to enhance your diagnostic capabilities which leads to treatments/surgeries that you keep in-house for better client-patient management.

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We took these images for a cervical myelogram. Performed cervical ventral slot decompression and removed the offending disk material. Dog was 98% back to normal after 4 hours. Before surgery, proprioception was not present in left front leg, poor in right rear leg, poor superficial pain detected on RF toe pinch along with neck pain.  Proprioception was back in 24 hours and superficial pain reception was normalized. The red arrows show the offending disk material. The green area is the myelogram dye column being pushed upward by the disk with spinal cord.

Steve Dullard DVM, DABVP

Scott Echols DVM, DABVP (Avian)
Scarlet Imaging

We really don't know that much about the anatomy of a lot of these animals. However, we have never had a way to visualize it as we can now and each scan that we perform is a whole new treasure trove of data. We can literally see each blood vessel in the body.


Reptiles often represent ancient branches of animal life with some species like modern crocodilians largely unchanged over the past several million years. BriteVu helps researchers understand reptilian vascular anatomy in ways never seen before.


The information is currently being used to reconstruct ancient and extinct animal life and understand primitive, and in some cases advanced, cardiovascular, respiratory and other organ systems not found in other modern animals. BriteVu helps make this possible.

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Alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) are frequently studied for their respiratory, neurovascular and skeletal anatomy as they represent early and successful forms that have lasted millions of years.  By understanding this ancient anatomy, scientists can better understand evolution of closely and distantly related species. 


This alligator was perfused with BriteVu and BriteVu Enhancer and scanned on an Epica Vimago CT scanner at 200µm slice thickness. The CT data sets were then converted into images created using the Anatomage Invivo5 software.


For more information, visit or email  For more information about BriteVu and Scarlet Imaging research, go to

Scott Echols DVM, DABVP (Avian) 

Pedro Armstrong, DVM, DACVIM
Mobile Pet Imaging

Mobile Pet Imaging provides services to more than just dogs and cats. In the first year of business, Mobile Pet Imaging has had the honor of helping diagnose all sorts of animals: from a pet squirrel, a cockatoo, a marmoset, rabbits and a Komodo dragon.


Our imaging equipment accommodates animals up to 200 lbs., including the chimpanzee scanned for the Lion Country Safari in Palm Beach County. A case done at the Palm Beach Zoo caught the eye of local news; two recent cases at a private practice will be featured on a national TV show.

Mobile Pet Imaging HD CT Scans offer more resolution than traditional diagnostic imaging tools. In most cases, Mobile Pet Imaging’s CT scans are more affordable than traditional CT Scans. We come to veterinarians’ offices, so there is no need for a referral to a different hospital or office. Your pet will be scanned in the mobile unit at your veterinarian’s office and returned to them for aftercare. A licensed veterinarian is with your pet at all times during our service. A CT Report by a board-certified radiologist is emailed to the primary veterinarian within 24 hours (can be ordered “rush” if needed).

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Gabriel Ontiveros, DVM
Lomont All for Pets

Contamos con la tomografía computarizada de Alta Definición (TAC), siendo lo más avanzado en tecnología veterinaria, es un método de diagnóstico por imagen seccional, con un corte muy fino, que a través del uso de rayos X, permite obtener imágenes en cortes transversales. las imágenes de alta definición son procesadas en cortes longitudinales, sagitales, oblicuos y en tercera dimensión, facilitando así el diagnóstico y tratamiento de algunas patologías.
Constant training and a great experience in the company of Dr. Ron Lyman at Animal Emergency and Referral Center.

#Tomografía3D #Lomont® #WeLovePets

El equipo de médicos de #Lomont atendiendo a una mascota con Trauma Mandibular. Una operación que resultó exitosa gracias a los estudios previos realizados que ayudaron a planear esta #Cirugía. Using Vimago™ scans before and during surgery, helps for better surgical planning and aides in better outcomes. #surgery.#LomontPets#HDVI#Vimago

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Mike Erskine, DVM
Director of the 
Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center at Virginia Tech University

The Pegaso™ unit is a perfect addition to the imaging we already provide here. It gives us a full complement of all imaging modalities that are currently available to the horse. With CT imaging they are very quick.


We get very high detail, high resolution images where we can evaluate bone and soft tissue structures in a way that we are not able to do in any other way.

Dr. Ron Lyman Q&AHDVI Webinar
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