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[On-Demand] Dentistry Veterinary Webinar Series: Earn 9 Hours of *CE Credit.

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

What You'll Learn:

Take a deep dive into veterinary dentistry in this comprehensive series. Attendees will learn about topics ranging from the importance of dentistry and its role in veterinary medicine to the economics of dentistry, gaining compliance and establishing value with pet owners, while learning to practice 'Fear Free' dentistry.

Dr. Mathis also covers intraoral imaging and interpretation, extractions (in detail) and how to get your patients on a home care regimen that works. 

Attendees will also receive supporting resources created by Dr. Mathis, including her eBook on common dental conditions.

Each 1- hr course is worth (1) *RACE approved CE credit. CE certificate is issued after passing a brief exam on topics covered. 

This webinar is for DVMs and Technicians. Registration is Now Closed.


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