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EpiCare: Maximizing Value Through Comprehensive Service and Support

In the realm of veterinary CT machine, EpiCare means reliability and efficiency, priced at $24,900. This investment in EpiCare brings an unparalleled suite of services that significantly outweighs its cost, especially considering the typical expenses associated with CT system maintenance and technical support.

Unwavering Support and Efficiency

At the core of EpiCare is our 24/7 live support, staffed by highly qualified, U.S. based technicians adept in remotely managing and operating CT systems. This immediate access to expert assistance is pivotal in minimizing downtime, a crucial factor in veterinary practices where every moment counts. 

The expertise of our technicians not only ensures quick resolution of issues but also aids in running scans smoothly, reinforcing your practice's ability to deliver continuous, uninterrupted services.

Ongoing Training and Technological Advancements

Ongoing training is a key element of EpiCare. This includes comprehensive training for new staff and ongoing support to enhance the efficient use of CT systems. 

Regular software and firmware updates are a staple under EpiCare, keeping your systems up to date with the latest technological advancements from our research & development teams. These updates are crucial in maintaining the highest standards of diagnostic precision and operational efficiency.

Cost-to-Benefit Analysis: A Clear Advantage

When considering the cost of hiring a highly qualified CT technician in the U.S., rates can vary significantly. However, EpiCare includes these services, offering a cost-effective solution. Typical hourly rates for technicians range from $100 to $250 for repairs that can take 2-3 days to complete. EpiCare includes these costs, providing a more predictable and economical approach to CT system maintenance.

Training: An Integral Component

The value of on-site medical technical training, essential for operating complex CT systems, is also embedded within EpiCare. Typically, such training can cost anywhere from $100 to $300 per hour, and even more for full-day sessions. EpiCare, with its comprehensive coverage, ensures that your staff receives the necessary training without the burden of these additional costs.

EpiCare: Your Strategic Investment

EpiCare's cost is a strategic investment in the efficiency, reliability, and advancement of your veterinary practice. This warranty program not only provides financial predictability but also guarantees access to top-tier technical support and ongoing training. The assurance of having a dedicated team ready to support and enhance your CT system's performance is crucial, making EpiCare an essential partner in your practice's success.


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