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[Live] HDVI: Using the Vimago™ System in a General Practice - At Care First Animal Hospital

Updated: May 12, 2021

Webinar: Earn 1 Hour of *CE Credit Pending Approval from AAVSB

High Definition Volumetric 3D Imaging (HDVI) is a proprietary and patented imaging technology that provides unprecedented diagnostic information and interventional applications for clinicians.

In this webinar, we will discuss HDVI technology and review:

  • What is the Vimago High Definition Imaging System?

  • How does it different from the dental x rays, ultrasound, and radiographs I am already good at?

  • Cases covered

    • Dentals – what else are we finding?

    • The Cough – is there more?

    • Backs – What? What else have we been missing?

    • What cases are we doing now we never would have handled?

    • Better patient care – how?

  • How can I afford this? – What the financial pros and cons – the real answers.

Each 1- hr course is worth (1) *RACE approved CE credit. CE certificate is issued after passing a brief exam on topics covered. 

When: Thursday 02-25-2021

Time: 10:30 A.M. Pacific Time

Webinar information: will be provided via email upon registration.

This webinar is for DVMs and Technicians. Registration is Now Closed. Missed the webinar? No worries, we will be offering a CE approved On-Demand version of this webinar in a few weeks. Be on the look out for an invitation from Epica Animal Health.

About Dr. Wages

Dr. Page Wages attended undergraduate school at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY. Afterwards, she attended North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine. While in vet school, she worked with Care First Animal Hospital on weekends, holidays, and breaks. Approaching graduation, Dr. Wages interviewed with 50 practices throughout the United States prior to accepting a position with Care First Animal Hospital at Oberlin. Dr. Wages is particularly passionate about Ultrasound, and she also has a strong interest in Surgery, Cardiology, Radiology especially using our Vimago HDVI , Internal Medicine, Geriatrics and Shelter Medicine. Care First Animal Hospital donates over $250,000 in medical services to the SPCA of Wake County annually.

Because she enjoys mentoring future veterinarians, Dr. Wages opens the doors of Care First Animal Hospital at Oberlin once a month for spay/neuter day for Second Change Pet Adoptions. Dr. Wages teaches students comprehensive physical exam and surgical skills. Area volunteers trap Wake County feral cats, and one Sunday morning a month, Dr. Wages orchestrates a group of volunteers and veterinary school students, and together they spay and neuter a number of dogs and cats annually.

Dr. Wages is one of five children, and she has an enormous pet family of her own that includes:

  • 2 pigs: Ellmer and Tilly-Pig

  • 9 dogs: Smee, Terk, LittleFoot, Scuttle, Wobbles, Cubby, Zazoo, Nanook, and Ruthie

  • 73 chickens (all named but not listed)

  • 1 goose: Martha (AKA Mother Goose)

  • 3 peacocks: Turtle, Mr. Blue, and Darling

  • 4 ducks: Duckie, Fieval, Sister, and Chaos

  • 3 goats: Roman, Jaq-Jaq, and Gus-Gus

  • 2 cats: Arrchie and Mr. Cat

Dr. Wages is passionate about pets, people and God, and she loves to serve each. It is no wonder she was a finalist two years in a row for the Top 20 of America’s Favorite Veterinarian, a contest sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association.


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