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Our Services

Our HDVI Technology Platforms, such as the Vimago™ GT30, Vimago™ HU, and Pegaso™ Evolution; do not fit in the category of either cone beam or spiral CT, in fact it is a hybrid containing the best elements of both cone and spiral. The result is the highest spatial resolution of any 3D clinical imaging system while providing contrast that is on par with conventional CT. Epica™ has over 20 patents that differentiate this technology and we are here to give you and your team the tools you will need for your practice to thrive. 

Telemedicine Service

All of our HDVI platforms export as DICOM data sets and can be read by any radiologist. However, our team of international, independent, board-certified imaging specialists are equipped to handle everything from radiographs to 3D volumetric scans and they have been EPICA™ trained by Chief Radiologist, Dr. Robert O’Brien, DVM, MS, ACVR. Peregrine Radiology is a subsidiary of Epica International and co-sponsored by EPICA Animal Health.

Continued Education

We provide our community of veterinary clients recurring webinars that will explore interesting cases and discuss different procedures and protocols that can be used to enhance your Vimago™ HDVI, Radiography, and Ultrasound skills. Join us each week at 12:00 PM eastern time.

Marketing Support

Congratulations on your recent HDVI Platform purchase and for propelling your practice into the future, with market leading, game-changing technology! We're here to help you market this unique technology to new and existing pet owners. We have some resources to get you started. If your practice needs a more customized approach, or you're not seeing what you need schedule an intro call with our marketing team. 

EpiCare™ Service & Support 

In the rare event you ever have a hardware issue

all parts and labor are covered through Epicare™ and also enjoy improvements to our platform's software for no additional charge. Support is always provided by a live, qualified technician. Our technicians can operate your platform remotely to help you through any issue, or even assist with running an exam. 

What Our Clients Say

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Page Wages, DVM

Care First Animal Hospital at Oberlin

"The training was phenomenal. We were up and running after two days of practicing. Like anything learning positioning took a little getting used to but now setting up a patient is pretty simple. We can now recognize when to do a breath-hold aside from the obvious chest and abdominal scans. The technician running the scan knows what to look for to make sure the images running are good. Doug and Danielle have been great it takes them no time at all to log in and get us up and running again. IT problems are not even really a problem. We have even contacted them in the middle of a scan to help us get better images."