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Hello Spring! Vimago™ – There is no animal health diagnostic imaging alternative at any price!

There has simply never been a better opportunity for a veterinary practice to purchase a Vimago, Epica’s advanced multimodality (HDVI-CT, Fluoroscopy, DR) soft and hard tissue diagnostic imaging platform.

  • With our financing partner, TIAA, we have created attractive 10-year payment options to allow you to add Vimago imaging to your practice now.

  • For a limited time, you can lock a great interest rate and defer payments for 6 months at $0 while you introduce and scale imaging usage in your practice.

  • As an extra incentive, Epica will fund an additional 6 months deferral providing you with a total of 12 months of Vimago usage without a payment. Epica will help you stop referring customers, offer one-stop convenience to owners and keep the imaging revenue in your practice.

With more than 400 system deployments, Vimago is without question the very best 2D/3D ultra-high-resolution imaging platform for all procedural categories ranging from orthopedic to dental.

Ask any Vimago owner about the unmatched diagnostic impact on patients and their owners plus the positive financial impact to the veterinary practice.

Call us to set up a presentation, demo or develop an ROI based on your anticipated use cases and volumes. Learn More >>


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