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Introducing “Equinos™” – the world’s first platform for Ultra-HDVI of Standing Equine Limbs

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Developed In collaboration with Colorado State University’s Orthopaedic Research Center

Epica “Equinos™” Platform Highlights

  • High Definition Volumetric Imaging of Standing Equine Limbs

  • View soft and hard tissue with isotropic diagnostic detail

  • Dynamic Source Axis Adjusts to Region of Anatomical Interest 

  • Electrical Assist Wheel Helps the Operator Easily Move the Trolley

  • Foam Rubber Platform Increases Patient’s Safety and Comfort 

  • Patient Movement Trigger enables Quick Release for Safety of Patient and Equipment

  • Pressure SensorsPiston Alignment allows System to avoid Patient Contact 

  • Detector Adjusts from Base up to 70cm enabling easy access to anatomical region of interest

  • Soft, Fast, Portable and Affordable

Order Acceptance | April 2020


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