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Join Epica at Booth #213 for Exoticscon Live in Denver, Colorado

Where Live in Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel Denver, Colorado Booth #213

When August 14 – 18, 2022

Vimago™ is the only answer to all animal health imaging needs. It covers every use case a veterinarian may need including:

  1. Dentistry

  2. Ear & Nasal

  3. Brain

  4. Mets & Masses

  5. Spine: Paresis, Paralysis & IVDD

  6. Renal Disease

  7. Joint Health

  8. Respiratory Distress and Coughing

  9. Chronic Vomiting & Swallowing Issues

  10. GI Foreign Bodies

  11. Shunts & Vascular Anomalies

  12. Cancer / Oncology

View our "Applications" page for more use cases released twice a month!

View all HDVI Applications >> We can't wait to see you all there! Please be safe and take proper COVID protocols. We have attached Exoticscon COVID protocols below for your convenience.

Daily Live Session with Ron Tibett and Robert Whitaker | 1-on-1 Book A Demo >>

Sunday & Monday: Live Lecture and Lab Sessions with Presenters Scott Echols & Nick Kirk | Live Q&A with Robert Whitaker & Ron Tibett View All Sessions >>

In the meantime checkout this incredible collection of avian and exotics cases provided by Dr. Echols. View Exotics E-Report >>

Program Schedule: Link to Exoticson Website >>

Register for Exoticscon 2022: Link to Exoticson Website >>

Dedicated to your success - Epica Animal Health


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