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Epica™ Launches Epica Animal Health Rebrand

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

We've rebranded! In order to better focus and serve the animal health segment, we've updated our name from Epica Medical Innovations to Epica Animal Health. Along with the updated name, you my notice we have a new look!

Epica Animal Health (sometimes we'll lovingly refer to it as EAH) is a division or Epica International that is dedicated to advancing the level of veterinary medicine through advanced imaging. We design, engineer and build our products in the USA and Italy.

Our team of designers and engineers include some of the most brilliant minds in the world, who developing products, that will change how animals are diagnosed and treated.

Our brand reflects our culture of innovation and passion for developing new standards of advanced imaging and surgical treatment modalities. We pay homage to the isotropic voxel.

Epica™ Voxel


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