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A Predictable and Economical Choice for Veterinary Practices

When it comes to managing the operational costs of veterinary CT scanners, the choice of warranty can significantly impact a practice's financial stability and predictability. To illustrate this, let's delve into a comparative analysis between the comprehensive EpiCare warranty and a typical "Free" warranty, especially considering major repairs and associated costs over a three-year period.

The Comparative Analysis

Our analysis focuses on two major repair scenarios – a monoblock failure and a gantry problem – occurring in the third year.  We also consider ongoing training costs because turnover in veterinary staff is a universal problem as well as 24/7 remote support assistance.  Travel costs for technicians and trainers is also included. Compare costs between the EpiCare warranty and a "Free" warranty under these conditions:

Cost Factors

EpiCare Costs

"Free" Warranty Costs*

Yearly Warranty Cost



Monoblock Replacement



Gantry Repair 



24/7 Remote Support


12,000 (48 hours/year)

Repair Technician Visit Costs


$12,000 (4 sessions)

Training Sessions


$4,000 (2 visits)

Travel Expense for Repair Technicians and Trainers


$10,000 (4 technician visits + 4 training visits)

Total Over 3 Years



*Read your "free" warranty documentation carefully, as some items may or may not be included in the “free” warranty.

EpiCare: The Stable, Predictable, and Economical Option

The table above clearly demonstrates that the EpiCare warranty, with an annual cost of $24,900, is a more stable and predictable option compared to the "Free" warranty. Under EpiCare, the costs of major repairs, ongoing training, and associated travel are fully covered, resulting in a total expenditure of $74,700 over three years. In contrast, the "Free" warranty, while initially appearing cost-effective, accumulates significant expenses totaling $128,000 over the same period, primarily due to major repair costs and the need for training and travel.

Predictability and Financial Planning

EpiCare's all-inclusive approach allows veterinary practices to forecast their expenses accurately, avoiding unexpected financial burdens. This predictability is crucial for effective financial planning and maintaining a steady operational budget.

Avoiding Hidden Costs

The "Free" warranty, despite its initial appeal, harbors hidden costs that can escalate, particularly in the event of major repairs and the necessity of ongoing training. EpiCare eliminates such uncertainties, encompassing all potential repair and maintenance costs within its annual fee.

Ensuring Operational Continuity

Unplanned equipment downtimes can disrupt veterinary services, impacting both patient care and clinic revenue. EpiCare's comprehensive coverage ensures rapid and efficient resolution of issues, minimizing downtime and supporting uninterrupted high-quality care.

Access to Expert Care

With EpiCare, veterinary practices benefit from immediate access to our network of highly qualified technicians, ensuring that repairs and maintenance are conducted with expertise and precision. This access is a key factor in maintaining the longevity and optimal performance of CT equipment.


The EpiCare warranty emerges as a more stable, predictable, and economical choice for veterinary practices. It stands as a testament to our commitment to providing comprehensive, hassle-free care for veterinary CT systems, ensuring that practices can focus on their primary goal – delivering exceptional care to their patients. By choosing EpiCare, veterinary practices not only secure their financial stability but also invest in a partnership that guarantees peace of mind and operational excellence.


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