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Pegaso Forte™



Originally launched in 2014, the Pegaso™ platform was the first CT technology specifically designed for horses. We have evolved Pegaso™ into the market leading Forte model, the new standard in large animal imaging. 

Epica™ was founded with a passion for veterinary medicine that is evident in every imaging platform we build. As the market leader in advanced veterinary imaging for small animal, exotics, and equine medicine, Epica™ has the experience, stability, and focus to serve the equine market effectively today and for the years to come.

Pegaso Forte™

The New Standard of Equine Imaging

With the size of the patient in mind, we engineered a massive 1.2 meter gantry that employs the latest in motion tracking technology; allowing you to obtain diagnostic, standing, head and neck images — from C7 up to T1. 

Pegaso Forte™ uses Epica International's proprietary and patented, HDVI™ technology to render never before-seen detail of the head (including teeth, sinus, ethmoid, cervical vertebrae and discs).


Additionally, the revolutionary Pegaso platform has the ability to scan any limb from hoof to stifle, hips and pelvis, making this the most versatile diagnostic tool available.

Interventional and intraoperative imaging is made simple with built-in fluoroscopy and optional SirioVet surgical navigator integration. 


HDVI (High Definition Volumetric Imaging) is a new hybrid technology in CT (Computed Tomography)

that provides unprecedented diagnostic and interventional information for clinicians.

How is Epica's HDVI Technology Different than Conventional CT?

Conventional CT samples densities within a patient’s anatomy, providing axial sliced data, leaving gaps in the data in-between each slice. The data is reconstructed using interpolation, which works by using known data to estimate values at unknown points.
After the data had been interpolated it is rendered in axial and coronal data sets. The resolution is different on each side. 


HDVI technology scans a solid volume of data at a time, resulting in gapless data, with no need for interpolation. HDVI delivers a 3D map of densities with spacial resolution that is the same in all three-dimensions, with contrast equivalent to conventional CT. 


This volume of data can provide resolution as small as 0.09mm which is about the thickness of a human hair. Clinicians can see the data in any angle, thickness or orientation leading to superior diagnostic confidence.


This is why HDVI is the new standard for primary imaging.

Pegaso Forte™

Delivers Everything - But Compromise

  • Designed to keep horses safe and calm 

  • Variable geometry gantry (1.1m to 0.8m source to detector) optimizes image quality for any part of the horse 

  • Gantry tilt to 15 degrees 

  • Radiation lower than conventional CT 

  • Diagnostic and intraoperative use 

  • On-board fluoroscopy (superior to dedicated C-arm and mounted systems) 

  • Adaptable for surgical navigation and surgical robotics 

  • Auto-corrects for standing head and neck movement up to 10 cm 

  • Spatial resolution with isotropic voxels as high as 0.09 mm in all three dimensions, which means, Pegaso™ forte MT is the world’s highest resolution equine focused CT. 

  • Extraordinary contrast resolution: bones, ligaments, muscles, and nerves are easily discernible. 

  • Volumetric data-set with no gaps 

  • State of the art 2D and 3D imaging software on-board 

  • Export standard DICOM data 


Interventional and intraoperative imaging is made extraordinarily simple with the flexible and mobile design of the Pegaso Forte™, which includes built-in fluoroscopy and optional SirioVet surgical navigator integration




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